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Car Servicing at Axess

Maintaining your vehicle’s health is in your best interest. We want to ensure that your car is taken good care of which is why we offer several options to keep your vehicle in top condition. We also offer service plans to help you budget for your motoring costs.

Service plans

A correctly serviced and tuned engine will have a longer, more economical service life.

Car servicing can involve up to 50 or more component system checks and adjustments. Maintaining the engine in peak economy, performance and emissions condition requires electronic monitoring and fine adjustment according to the diagnostic computer readout.

Axess-trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of vehicle service and repair across all makes and models.




Featured Services

Multi-point inspection

During this visual inspection (carried out by our trained and qualified mechanic) we will check 26 important areas of your vehicle. The 26 Point Vehicle Inspection Report can alert you to any issues before they impact you or your family and before they cost you extra time and money.

Air conditioning

A car air conditioning service every 12 months means you generally assist prevention of costly breakdowns now and in the future – and a well-serviced Automotive Air Conditioner system saves you money because it reduces fuel consumption. Low refrigerant due to leaks or evaporation means your air con system will begin to deteriorate and have to work harder meaning more fuel is being consumed.

Auto Electric

In addition to the traditional systems such as starter motors and simple systems like radios, the electrical systems of modern cars now need to cope with many more components. Such things as modern safety systems & controls and a range of electronic devices such as navigation systems and various entertainment devices all rely on your auto electrical system to function.

Maintain your car

Book a service

Whether you need a service, a repair, a brake check or an air conditioning service you can request an appointment at your convenience from your smartphone or computer.

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