Frequently Asked Questions

For any new vehicle purchase, a minimum deposit of 20% is applicable.  This amount is then offset against the credit facility obtained from a Leasing.
  • Name: The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd
  • Address: Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis, Republic Of Mauritius
  • Account Number: 000120015714
  • IBAN Number: MU95MCBL0912000000015714000MUR
  • Swift Code: MCBLMUMU

Axess offers an in-house leasing in partnership with Rogers Capital where you can obtain credit facility over 5 or 7 years.  You can opt for any other financial institution or bank.  The minimum deposit for booking a vehicle is 20% of the value.
Axess offers a wide range of accessories including the Yakima brand where your vehicle can be fitted with roof rack, bicycle rack, etc.  We can also supply and fix other accessories such as parking sensors, mud flaps, windshields, tinted glasses, etc.
Upon confirmation of your vehicle, Axess will file the road charges and upon receipt of an approved Deed of Sale, the vehicle can be delivered within 7 working days.
All vehicles are delivered with an Owner’s Manual where the owner may refer to a list of spare parts under warranty as well as the terms and conditions prevailing during the warranty period. The warranty covers possible defects but excludes normal wear and tear.
Axess has an Argo-Industrial Business Unit which caters for Industrial needs, we invite you to contact our friendly team on +(230) 206 4300.
The “Buy or Rent Option” is a flexible service where a company can either buy a Clark forklift or opt for a monthly Rent Option where all the running costs (Repairs, Tyres and Insurance) are taken care of by Axess. Axess proposes flexible short-term, medium-term and long-term rentals.
Passenger Vehicles

All service appointments for passenger vehicles and pick-ups are handled by a dedicated Planning Department, you may book your service or repair on the 206 43 00 or 8943.  Service facilities are located as follows;

Citroën, Peugeot and Suzuki: Bagatelle Motorcity.

Ford, Mazda, Isuzu DMAX: Axess Limited, Pailles

Trucks and other Commercial Vehicles

The After Sales facility for Commercial Vehicles is situated at Jade Avenue, Pailles (near SVICC entrance). Isuzu Trucks are serviced at this facility every 5,000 kms.  You may book your service appointment through the Agro Business Department on 206 43 00 or 8943.

You may drop your vehicle one day prior to servicing appointment.  Axess proposes as well a daily shuttle service which sets off as from 09.00 a.m.  We invite you to contact the Service Advisor on the 206 43 00 to arrange a drop-off arrangement.
A service plan is a one-off payment whereby all service costs of your vehicle are covered over a defined time-period. The package excludes the battery and tyres as well as consumables.
Axess Limited has worked out a service plans for all the makes and models we represent.
Ford Serenity Maintenance Package is a one-off payment whereby all the Service costs and any minor or major vehicle repair is covered by Axess over 7 years or 100,000 kms.  All parts except consumables are repaired free of charge over seven years. Ford has tailor made Serenity Package plans to meet all your maintenance needs. Packages exclude tyres and batteries.
The Ford Serenity Maintenance Plan is transferable to another party should your Ford vehicle be sold within the validity period.
The Body & Paint Department will assist you with services:
  • Vehicle Painting, Vehicle Valeting, Vehicle Polishing
  • Vehicle Diagnostic and Estimate of Repairs

Our Body & Paint Section offers an  Estimate of Repairs every working day from 08.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m.
If the Estimate of Repairs is to be borne by the Insurance, then there is no service charge applicable. If the Estimate of Repairs is undertaken by an individual, then a service charge is applicable.  In case the repairs are handled by Axess, the service charge would then be waived.
Estimates of Repairs is an open facility for any vehicle.
To ease up the preparation of Estimate of Repairs, we recommend the vehicle user to bring along the Horsepower.
Should your vehicle be towed to Axess, the charge will be borne by your Insurer.
Should your vehicle be immobilized, your Insurance partner will assess the possibility of providing a replacement vehicle over a defined period.
Following approval from Insurance, our Body & Paint team will contact you to schedule an appointment for repairs.
If a part is not available, our Body and Paint department will provide the vehicle owner an estimated arrival date and schedule an appointment accordingly.
If a vehicle user has an accident, the following recommendations are be observed;
  • The owner needs to inform his/her Insurer.
  • Fill in the claim and accident forms to be sent to the Insurer.
  • After notifying the Insurer, the vehicle owner needs to undertake an Estimate of Repairs at Axess.
  • The estimate of repairs would then be sent to Insurer for approval.
  • A Motor Surveyor would then assess the repairs to be done.
  • Following the approval of the Motor Surveyor and Insurer, Axess will contact the owner for the repairs to be effected.

Our Tyre Service Centre is ready to welcome you at any time from Monday to Friday within 08.00a.m. – 04.45 p.m. and on Saturday 08.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Axess Limited is proud to deserve Two Tyre Service Centre for your comprehensive Tyre Service.  You may choose to send your vehicle either Quicklane Tyre Centre situated in Riche-Terre Shopping Mall or at Quicklane Tyre Centre situated in Avenue Jade, Pailles.  We invite you to contact the 2861717 or 2491414 for further assistance.   You may as well refer to our Resellers List to find your closest Tyre Partner.

There is no prior booking to be made.  We however, recommend you to contact the Tyre Centre to confirm stock availability.

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