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Hard to miss around the Suzuki Showroom, we sit down around a cup of coffee with Nicolas Leclezio.   At 35, Nicolas is a well-rounded salesperson, happily married, and a young father. Building a career in automotive and joining Axess is a long-term opportunity Nicolas took the path of. However automotive industry was not his first choice, Nicolas started in the world of real estate where he found his passion for sales.   “After my last internship at hotel school, I wanted to enhance my academic background and enrolled part-time to get a degree in financial management. My parents told me I had to find a way to pay for my living expenses. I took on a job as a salesperson in a property group. The developers were launching a world-class resort project on the northeast coast of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. My first sale happened to be the biggest sale ever made by any sales representative in the company. I sold a ZAR multimillion worth prestige villa which was right [...]
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