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Even though we might be (a little) late on this one, we wish to congratulate Nazeera Pierre on winning Axess Employee of the Year 2020.


So, what does it take to become Axess Employee of the Year? Well, it takes DRIVE:






And Nazeera, our Sales Support Coordinator lives by these various principles. As part of her day to day, she acts as an anchor between the sales team and our customers. Ensuring the smooth-running throughout the process of buying a new car runs across all channels. Her beliefs are deeply rooted and vouch that purchasing a new car is more than just an investment, it’s a whole journey!  So, she strives on making it a good one; from registration to ‘mise-en-route’ to delivery, she is there every step of the way.

It’s not only about excelling at her job and

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Synergy, dedication, hardworking and reliability – these are the qualities of a winning team in the automobile sector!

After years of effort, the Isuzu Truck team finally bore the fruit and was awarded the Best Performance Dealer of 2020. Frederick Wiehe, who is the Brand Manager of Isuzu, has been overseeing the team for 20 years now. For him, winning this award is an affirmation and recognition of the quality of work delivered across all levels.

Every encounter across the purchasing journey is of utmost importance to our team – whether it’s the sales team, after-sales team, body & paint department, the garage, or at the management level. Our aim is to make sure that the customer leaves the showroom with his/her keys and peace of mind.

Winning this award, of course, would not have been possible without the contribution of our loyal customers who trusted us with their vision and projects. It’s always a pleasure to see a different story with every sale we make. Sometimes it’s about a new business being born and ready to strive or it’s about contributing to the legacy of a company for years to come. Either way, it’s alwa [...]

Being a car enthusiast living for his passion, Steeven Jagloo recently joined the Axess family. In the Isuzu sales team, he is more confident than ever to embrace new challenges. He does put a point that the client needs to be at the heart of his job. “It’s not only about selling cars, it’s helping to realize their dream. It’s listening to their needs and orientating them to the right car and ensuring a high level of customer service and satisfaction.”

Even if the beginning of his career started in a different sector (reception at Dinarobin), it soon led back to the path of his heart. He joined ABC Motors as a Salesman, then pursue his career at Bosch Car Service in the after-sales Service before joining Axess. While having quite a vast choice in the segment, he chose Axess as for him “It’s a privilege working in the second largest automobile dealership with the international well-known brand”. Few questions were drawn to get to know Steeven a little better.

“3 is not enough but I would say “ bring us back the life we had before covid-19, that people live in a more humanly and divinely way and the last one would be to procure free food, education, and m [...]

Hard to miss around the Suzuki Showroom, we sit down around a cup of coffee with Nicolas Leclezio.   At 35, Nicolas is a well-rounded salesperson, happily married, and a young father. Building a career in automotive and joining Axess is a long-term opportunity Nicolas took the path of. However automotive industry was not his first choice, Nicolas started in the world of real estate where he found his passion for sales.   “After my last internship at hotel school, I wanted to enhance my academic background and enrolled part-time to get a degree in financial management. My parents told me I had to find a way to pay for my living expenses. I took on a job as a salesperson in a property group. The developers were launching a world-class resort project on the northeast coast of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. My first sale happened to be the biggest sale ever made by any sales representative in the company. I sold a ZAR multimillion worth prestige villa which was right [...]
His face may be familiar to you or at some point you must have had a conversation with him. Christopher Leung is the newly appointed Pre-Owned Manager, in the Business Development Unit at Axess. He is based mostly at our Bagatelle Branch but overlooks the operations at both locations. After years in the insurance company and a few more owning and managing his own business. Christopher had decided to take up the challenge at Axess. What started as a serious interview turned out into fun Q&A with Christopher. Here’s what he had to answer.Who is Christopher Leung? Just turned 33, married to a beautiful lady, Sophia and the proud father of 2 lovely children, Zoë and Luc. I have an outgoing personality, I love competition (I always give my best in everything I do), I love challenges and like to challenge others. I am the kind of person to see things differently. I love all kind of sports, listening to music, watching TV shows and playing video games. Can you explain to us what do you do? Briefly, structuring the pre-owned department to make it a core business activity of Axess. To encourage clients to purchase new vehicles by trading in their existing vehicles and offering an additional choice to client’s looking for sec [...]
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