Sedanie Appadoo: The tyre whisperer

Sedanie Appadoo: The tyre whisperer

Visiting the family, commuting to work, travelling to the beach, or just doing a road trip around our beautiful island, Mauritians are always on the move! Sedanie, from our Tyres department, knows that well!

Before getting to know her better, here’s to wishing her our warm congratulations.

Well, who is Sedanie?

As someone who firmly believes that one should pursue his/her passion, it was natural for her to combine her love for tyres to her job.
She has now been working for Axess Ltd since June 2013 and has been growing since – From workshop Sales Representative to Operation Assistant and to now succeeding the post of Outdoor Sales Representative.

Being an outdoor Sales Representative takes a lot of interpersonal and social skills. And for everyone who met Sedanie, knows that she fits perfectly in this position.
On top of being a people magnet, her charisma and positive attitude are what set her apart. Her customers always come first, and she always ensures that they their purchasing journey ends with a smile on their face.

For Sedanie, to achieve & sustain growth, doing the extra mile is essential!
During those 8 years, she has been putting the extra hours and taking on more responsibilities by maintaining an impeccable track record with her customers and co-workers.
It is not always easy, but it surely is rewarding at the end!

On this note, we would like to wish Sedanie at prosperous career at Axess Ltd and we look forward to seeing more of her achievements. Stay tuned guys!