Michelin – Primacy 4

Please fill in your tyre requirements using the form below and you may refer to the tyre guide to determine the right dimensions for your vehicle.

195 – Section Width
It is the tyre width in mm. It is measurement of the sidewalls of a tyre that starts from the surface where it connects with the rim to the part where the tread begins.

55 – Aspect Ratio
It is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the tread width. Here, an aspect ratio of 55 indicates that the section height of the tyre is 55% of the section width of the tyre.

R – Construction
R represents the Radial contruction of the tyre. You will also find the letter B written on several tyres that represents the cross ply construction type.

16 – Rim Diameter
It is the inside diameter of the tyre. It indicates the diameter of the rim or rim height and is measured in inches.

87 – Load Index
It is the maximum weight limit that a tyre can carry. It is represented by a two digit or three digit numbers.

V – Speed Rating
It is the maximum speed that the car can maintain with the given tyres and is denoted by English Alphabets.



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