Suzuki welcomes a new team member, Nicolas Leclezio

Suzuki welcomes a new team member, Nicolas Leclezio

Hard to miss around the Suzuki Showroom, we sit down around a cup of coffee with Nicolas Leclezio.


At 35, Nicolas is a well-rounded salesperson, happily married, and a young father. Building a career in automotive and joining Axess is a long-term opportunity Nicolas took the path of. However automotive industry was not his first choice, Nicolas started in the world of real estate where he found his passion for sales.  

“After my last internship at hotel school, I wanted to enhance my academic background and enrolled part-time to get a degree in financial management. My parents told me I had to find a way to pay for my living expenses. I took on a job as a salesperson in a property group. The developers were launching a world-class resort project on the northeast coast of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. My first sale happened to be the biggest sale ever made by any sales representative in the company. I sold a ZAR multimillion worth prestige villa which was right on the beach. My teammates told me that it is called the “Beginner’s luck”. That particular “lucky day” is what got me hooked to sales. My commission on that one sale was more than 1 and a half years of salary…! For me it was a no-brainer, from then on I decided to make my career in sales.”

He has been through an exciting path of experiences with a varied career, all rewarding and contributing to his professional development. With a financial background and professionally polyvalent in hospitality and real-estate, Nicolas spent most of his career start in sales of high-end resorts. 

 “When foreign demand for properties in Mauritius got to an all-time low, I realized that I had to get out of my comfort zone. At one point it felt like I was a surfer in a surf competition, but there were no waves coming! I realized I had to find a different playground. I joined the automobile industry at Autonexx in December last year. Whether big or small, we had waves of clients every single day… I was selling MGs for about 6 months prior to joining Axess. It has been a rewarding start for me in the automobile sector.” 

Ecstatic to join the Suzuki Team, Nicolas describes his new team as laid back et proactive, and efficient. His favorite drive if you may wonder is the All-New Suzuki Brezza.

“It is a pleasure to drive and a car which makes a lot of sense in today’s market. Not only because of its comfort and looks, but it also ticks all the boxes for someone who is looking for a reliable and affordable family car. The Brezza is the most affordable compact SUV currently on the market,”  

We got personal and had a few fun questions for Nicolas and here’s what he had to say: 

Are you a cat or dog person? 🐱🐶(so, tell us if you have any and what’s their name)

I like both, but I am not really a pet person. My wife has a sausage dog, his name is Cortex. One night, she brought a puppy home and started singing happy birthday to me, it was 2 months in advance of my birthday… of course, she knew it would end up being her dog. I like to joke with her saying that if I leave the house one day, I will be taking my dog with me! Until today we still don’t know who the real owner of Cortex is! lol

What is your hidden talent? ✨

I have a dusty acoustic guitar sitting in a cupboard at home… I used to enjoy playing a lot. And then life happened! The guitar is still here, one day maybe ill dust off the guitar!

What’s your favorite football team? ⚽

It gets too late when the league is on TV, I don’t know which team is doing well anymore. I enjoy watching international games. I am a supporter of the French team, I can’t believe they lost so early in the Euro 2020.

Your most hated household chore? 🏡

Taking the dog outside.

One song you sing in your car? 🎵

I am a terrible singer, if I sing, I will break the radio


On this note, we wish Nicolas a fun-filled and productive career in sales with Suzuki Team. The fun has just begun.🥳

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