Nazeera Pierre: Employee of the year 2020

Nazeera Pierre: Employee of the year 2020

Even though we might be (a little) late on this one, we wish to congratulate Nazeera Pierre on winning Axess Employee of the Year 2020.


So, what does it take to become Axess Employee of the Year? Well, it takes DRIVE:






And Nazeera, our Sales Support Coordinator lives by these various principles. As part of her day to day, she acts as an anchor between the sales team and our customers. Ensuring the smooth-running throughout the process of buying a new car runs across all channels. Her beliefs are deeply rooted and vouch that purchasing a new car is more than just an investment, it’s a whole journey!  So, she strives on making it a good one; from registration to ‘mise-en-route’ to delivery, she is there every step of the way.

It’s not only about excelling at her job and ensuring clients leave with a smile, Nazeera is a strong-headed mother, loves sketching portraits (she also painted a huge canvas in the Suzuki Showroom), and is an automobile enthusiast. Ask anyone in Axess and they will tell you they know Nazeera for the livelihood, the laughs, the patience, and positivity. Never shy of giving a helping hand whenever she is solicited, she is also very adamant in the face of a good challenge. In 2020 she was part of the ENL Innov8 team to look into innovating solutions applicable for the day-to-day business of Axess and its smooth-running.

Nazeera incarnates the principle of perseverance and patience that pays off. Winning the Employee of the Year is thrilling and in 2021 she is determined to make it a second time.

To Nazeera, we’ll say, may the best one win.

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