#Microadventures: Start yours now!

#Microadventures: Start yours now!

After months of being confined, slowly Mauritius is unwrapping and venturing outside again.  What is ‘normal’ is questioned and redefined thoroughly. During this period came the idea of #microadventures, the idea of exploring the surroundings of Mauritius. Whispers were that a documentary photographer was already up for the adventure.

The concept of #microadventures is to get you on the move and give out location pins around Mauritius to discover like discovering the Chinese culture of China Town through the perspective of the its residents, its stories, food, wall graffiti and the story around every turn and corner.

#WalkMauritius by renowned International documentary photographer, Paul Choy was the right excuse to plug the #microadventures project. They say pictures speak a thousand word and Paul narrates euphoric story-telling through his travel stories. “Walk Mauritius is about reconnecting with the journey. With this walk, I want to explore Mauritius – taking the time to appreciate the things that other people miss as they drive by – sharing the stories of the island’s ocean, land, mountains and people” says Paul.

Land Rover Mauritius partnered with Paul Choy to bring life to the #microadventures and turns out it’s an itinerary left out to be lived. You may ask, but why discover Mauritius, you already know the best hiking or sunset spots. Well, #microadventures are not only about sunsets and lighthouse, but discovering all the unspoken stories of Mauritius and giving you the opportunity and all the right reasons to explore.

We invite you all to discover all the #microadventures around Mauritius, make memories and share your story using the hashtag #microadventures.

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