Jaguar Golf League

Jaguar Golf League

Reflecting Jaguar’s brand signature “art of performance” and our long term association in the golfing arena, it was naturally fitting to continue Jaguar’s presence in this arena. 

The introduction of a Jaguar Golf League in partnership with SWAN kicked off on November 2020, consisting of 6 golfing days towards a final event in May 2021.   

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a “tough putt”; our Jaguar clientele was ecstatic to start the month with a competition at Heritage Golf Club. Kicking-off with 32 participants, on the 7th of November

A game they enjoyed thoroughly throughout the Golf parkour and winning gifts along the way for the longest drive and the nearest to the pitch.

A moment of relaxation and connecting to the brand and the Jaguar Family. We wish to take this opportunity to wish our loyal customers a great festive season until we meet again next year. 

Keep practicing!

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