ISUZU Dmax donation to Reef Conservation

ISUZU Dmax donation to Reef Conservation

After the events of the oil spill from the MV Wakashio in the south east of the Mauritius, NGOs have started mobilizing cleaning campaigns all around the island. In order to restore a blue economy, multiple project developments initiative in collaboration of numerous companies have already started and Axess wasn’t going to be less a part of this admirable movement.

Axess and Isuzu got on board with NGO Reef Conservation for an empowering project called SOS Mangroove Programme. An initiative to clean the mangrove plantations along the coastal regions of Mauritius and in the long run sensitizing and educating the population about the planting and preservation of mangroves.

When the Reef Conservation came along with the project, Frederick Wiehe, Brand Manager at Axess for Isuzu could not agree more that it was our duty to respond positively with all our resources and assets available….. Starting with cleaning up the mangroves, setting up sensitisation and educational campaigns to explain from the youngest to the oldest generation the protection and preservation methods of mangroves. Reef Conservation also plan on developing pedagogical tools to deliver best practices among commercial skippers and boat operators in collaboration of Mauritius Tourism Authorities.

It is a long term commitment that Isuzu and Axess signed up for,… A small step towards nature which we are willing to take for a better tomorrow.

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