Axess is Great Place To Work certified 👏

Axess is Great Place To Work certified 👏

Great Place to Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience. A key factor in Great Place to Work certification is scoring the appropriate criteria on an annual Trust Index Survey – completed anonymously by employees. 

As a company, we are committed to creating a positive work culture, where employees can thrive and achieve their best. We are proud to say that Axess was recognised by Great Place to Work® certification in the 2022 annual list.  

This certification shows our commitment to developing a positive and supportive work environment – a place where our employees have control of their careers and can develop in an inclusive, creative, responsible, and collaborative workplace. We make it our priority to continuously improve our way of working together, covering integration, communication, collaboration, digital support, development, engagement, social responsibility, and employee satisfaction which also leads to improved customer satisfaction.  

Our commitment includes delivering our values to our people. Recently Axess emphasized on its 5 core values known as DRIVE whereby the company at large is making investments in promoting people and culture.  

Development – We own our development by learning, sharing our knowledge and our experiences. Do mistakes and then learn from those mistakes that builds a strong character. Developing a powerful sense of innovation through and through.

Responsibility – We take ownership of all duties assigned to us and embrace our purpose. While staying self-discipline and following the procedures we commit to satisfy our clients. In short, we walk the talk and ensure a safe and respectful environment for our clients.

Integrity – Acting with integrity, we build ethical and trustworthy relations to enable partnerships with all our collaborators. Delivering to the highest standard while continuously improving and maintaining the correct attitude. This way we are efficient and authentic in our approach.

Conviviality – Humility is part of who we are and how we treat our peers. Being respectful and courteous highlights our empathy for all who cross our doors. Having our doors open for all our clients and colleagues so anyone can shout for help or have a face-to-face conversation thus making us Axessible.

TEamwork – They say teamwork makes the dreamwork. Therefore, at Axess we lead by example and communicate effectively whether there is a new project, problem solving or in recognising and celebrating our peers.

We live by these values in our day to day and this is what made our offices a Great Place To Work.