Christopher Leung: Up for a challenge as Pre-Owned Manager

Christopher Leung: Up for a challenge as Pre-Owned Manager


His face may be familiar to you or at some point you must have had a conversation with him.

Christopher Leung is the newly appointed Pre-Owned Manager, in the Business Development Unit at Axess. He is based mostly at our Bagatelle Branch but overlooks the operations at both locations. After years in the insurance company and a few more owning and managing his own business.

Christopher had decided to take up the challenge at Axess. What started as a serious interview turned out into fun Q&A with Christopher. Here’s what he had to answer.

Who is Christopher Leung?
Just turned 33, married to a beautiful lady, Sophia and the proud father of 2 lovely children, Zoë and Luc. I have an outgoing personality, I love competition (I always give my best in everything I do), I love challenges and like to challenge others. I am the kind of person to see things differently. I love all kind of sports, listening to music, watching TV shows and playing video games.

Can you explain to us what do you do?
Briefly, structuring the pre-owned department to make it a core business activity of Axess. To encourage clients to purchase new vehicles by trading in their existing vehicles and offering an additional choice to client’s looking for second hand vehicles.

How was your career path before Axess?
I have always worked in the insurance industry. Starting my career at MUA in 2009 as customer service officer. It was a fruitful and exciting adventure, especially when I started my own insurance brokerage business (together with 2 partners) in 2015. I have learnt and grown so much during these 6 years running my own business, whether from a professional and personal point of view.

Why did you choose Axess?
For the challenge of managing a new business unit and bringing my entrepreneur mind to this newly created segment within a renowned and successful group. I am so excited about it. I look forward to share my experience and gain further experience from my new entourage. And make things happen!

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Axess?
The warm welcome from my colleagues. I thought that it would be hard at first but they made it easy.

Your favorite car?
Eleanor, the Ford Mustang 1971 would be my dream car. I love vintage muscle cars.

A little more personal

If a genie asks you for 3 wishes, what would they be?
That one is a tough question. I would probably ask first…hmm to be the best professional football player ever 🙂 Then, be an extraordinary and renowned singer (after my football career). 😀 But more seriously, let man meet up again. No more racism, hatred, wars and have a peaceful planet earth.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?
Believe in yourself and do not let people influence your choices.

Just for fun

Are you a cat or dog person?
I love dogs. I have 2 little girls; Ginger and Izzy Rose

What is your hidden talent?
I’m not bad at singing. Well, at least it sounds awesome under the shower

What’s your favorite football team?
Manchester United

Your motto: Fight for your dreams. Make it happen!

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