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  • 15/03/2023
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  • Comments Off on France Ganachaud: A Legacy of Passion for Classic Cars

France Ganachaud, a mechanical engineer by profession, has been passionate about classic cars ever since he got his hands on a 1922 Citroën 5CV nearly sixty years ago. Over the years, he spent countless hours repairing and restoring the car to its former glory. 

As a mechanical engineer, Mr. Ganachaud has a deep understanding of the intricacies of classic cars. He appreciates the artistry and craftsmanship that went into designing and building them. He also understands the importance of maintaining these cars and preserving them for future generations. 

He often takes part in classic car rallies and shows, where he can share his passion with other enthusiasts and express his love for classic cars which has not only brought him joy but has also allowed him to bond with his family. His children and grandchildren often join him in working on the cars, and they share in the excitement of each restoration project.

  • 21/02/2023
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  • Comments Off on Conquering the Off-Road Trails with the Suzuki Jimny at La Vallee Des Couleurs

If you're an off-road enthusiast, then you know that the thrill of conquering challenging trails is like no other. That's exactly what the Jimny Off-Road Parade group experienced on Sunday, February 12th, at La Vallee Des Couleurs in Mauritius. The event, sponsored by Suzuki at Axess, was a remarkable showcase of the capabilities of the Suzuki Jimny off-road vehicle. 

The event kicked off with a briefing session in the newly renovated cinema hall of La Vallee Des Couleurs. During the session, participants learned about the different routes and difficulty levels of the Domaine. Experienced Jimny drivers initiated on the various features of the vehicle and demonstrated how to navigate the tricky terrain. To ensure that first-time off-road riders had a smooth experience, groups were formed to guide and support them. The excitement was palpable, and the group couldn't wait to hit the trails. < [...]

Axess is Great Place To Work certified 👏

Axess was recognised by Great Place to Work® certification in the 2022 annual list
  • 18/01/2023
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Great Place to Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience. A key factor in Great Place to Work certification is scoring the appropriate criteria on an annual Trust Index Survey – completed anonymously by employees. 

As a company, we are committed to creating a positive work culture, where employees can thrive and achieve their best. We are proud to say that Axess was recognised by Great Place to Work® certification in the 2022 annual list.  

This certification shows our commitment to developing a positive and supportive work environment – a place where our employees have control of their careers and can develop in an inclusive, creative, responsible, and collaborative workplace. We make it our priority to continuously improve our way of working together, covering integration, c [...]

Axess aims to be the automotive reference partner in Mauritius by providing innovative and flexible solutions to as many people as possible. Working towards this objective, Axess has officially launched its Pre-Owned car fleet for both purchase and resale service in its new showroom surrounded by the fleet of vehicles for sale in an open-air space of over 900 m2 in Bagatel [...]

The Drive 4 UR School is a CSR project set in 2007 to help Ford dealerships raise money for schools by organizing a driving day. The resounding success of ‘Drive 4 UR School’ prompted Ford to expand its reach and create ‘Drive 4 UR Community’ in 2012 to enable dealers to partner with community organizations and give back. In line of the project launch, Ford Mauritius planned a first drive of 2022, with fans and owners on Saturday 6th August at Chasée of Roland Maurel in Pailles. For the first drive, Ford 4x4 owners were invited to participate to an off-road adventure through mud and rough terrains to raise money for the community supported Ford Mauritius in Pailles West.The first participants along with their family and friends soon replied positively to the invitation and were 11 in total to start this journey. The D-Day was here and the participants along with the Ford team all met up around an early morning of coffee, croissant and debrief session before they went out for adventurous trip in the Chasée. The terrains were rough, the team had a blast, and the owners were in awe to have had a great Saturday putting their vehicle to test. Their hunger for off-road satisfied, they were invited for a hearty lunch, around some typi [...]

Synonymous with power, elegance and breathtaking performance, Jaguar, represented by the dealership Axess, a subsidiary of the ENL group, will participate in this long-awaited event of the golf world, as the official vehicle sponsor. Jaguar reiterates its commitment to the tournament, which it has sponsored since its inception in 2015. The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open is back on the Sunshine Tour and DP World Tour calendar for the first time since 2019 at Mont Choisy Le Golf. The final will be held from 15 to 18 December 2022 with a selection of the best professional golfers from both circuits. Jaguar will be the official transporter of players and VIP guests around the competition site in Mont Choisy.

This world-renowned golf circuit promises to offer excellent visibility to Mauritius and Jaguar. Broadcast all over the world, the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open always attracts a large number of participants and remains a source of great pride. AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open 2022 has once again attracted blue-chip sponsors, including Jaguar.

"The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open tournament resonates with our brand. Since the launch o [...]

Mazda, A new showroom designed for adventurous journeys

Axess launches a new Mazda showroom in Pailles

The international brand Mazda, represented by Axess Ltd, has opened the doors of a new showroom with a surface area of 900 square meters in Pailles (formerly Jaguar Land Rover) since 1st August 2022.

Discover a complete revamp space in terms of design, with the full range of the Mazda vehicles displayed. A walkthrough around and you can hop in-and-out of the Passenger Cars - Mazda 3 Sedan perfect for families or the Hatchback version for sports enthusiasts, the CX collection with the compact SUV CX-3, the CX-30 compact crossover and 5-seater SUV CX-5. Whilst for the adventurous and off-terrain lover, a dedicated section has been designed for you with the BT-50 off-road range.

This innovative architectural concept is an epitome of Japanese aesthetic combining a friendly and elegant setting, refined spaces, and a superior level of service. With the new distinctive façade, Mazda stands out of the crowd and immediately distinguishable, thus setting itself apart from its competitors. 


Chez Axess, nous définissons ce marché comme porteur. Tout d’abord, il s’agit d’une tendance mondiale : face aux défis du réchauffement climatique, toutes les nations encouragent l’acquisition d’un véhicule électriques afin d’amortir l’impact carbone. A Maurice, le gouvernement favorise fortement les modèles hybrides & électriques à faibles émissions en octroyant une réduction de 50% de la taxe routière à l’achat de cette catégorie de véhicule et des avantages sur la taxe d’importation. Les produits de financement aussi favorisent ce phénomène d’électrification du parc automobile, cela encouragera sans nul doute l’acte d’achat d’un véhicule propre et au consommateur à s’engager à un environnement plus vert et en plus à moindre cout.

Nous notons également une hausse des demandes de la part des consommateurs : en 2020, les produits hybrides/électriques représentaient 3% des ventes. Ce taux a doublé en 2021, avec une représentation de 6% du marché du neuf. L’enterrement des véhicules essence et diesel thermiques en 2035 par l’Union Européenne, l’opinion publique, les collectivités et plus simplement l’urgence écologique sont des facteurs qui poussent les con [...]

Jaguar Mauritius doubles its bet on the world of golf

A discipline that reflects the values and aesthetics of the legendary car manufacturer

The automotive world and golf have more in common than you would expect. These similarities are even more prominent when speaking of Jaguar Land Rover which has not only reached a milestone of the Jaguar Golf League in 2022, but now a popular reference point for our customers. We look forward to the upcoming edition for our passionate golfers to compete on the courses of the exclusive clubs in Mauritius. Golf has an important value for both Jaguar and Land Rover and represents the tangible essence of both brands: tradition, sports elegance, style, determination, and respect.

Jaguar renewed its partnership with SWAN this time again for the Jaguar Golf League around 6 golfing events across different golf clubs of Mauritius to reach a final event at Le Paradis Golf Club on 22nd January. Kicking off with 45 participants in different categories around the golf course, made the day an interesting one. A game enjoyed throughout the parkour to reach a final stand and win the grand prix.

The event followed with a cocktail party with all the participants relaxing and enjoying some good time around good food, creative cocktails, and [...]

Il est clair que la crise sanitaire a sérieusement affecté l’industrie automobile dans son ensemble avec notamment le bouleversement des lignes de production au niveau mondial, ce qui a eu un impact non-négligeable sur la performance d’Axess. En ce qu’il s’agit de Maurice, nos activités ont plus particulièrement été partiellement paralysées du fait des deux confinements successifs de 2020 et de 2021. Puis, compte tenu de l’incertitude du marché et de la situation économique, de nombreux clients ont laissé leur plan d’achat en suspens tandis que d’autres se sont résignés à écarter l’idée d’acquérir de nouveaux véhicules. Cependant, depuis la reprise des activités en juillet 2021, nous notons une relance progressive avec un dynamisme retrouvé au niveau des activités de vente et d’après-vente.

Chez Axess, la résilience est une réalité qui se vit au quotidien et cette crise sanitaire nous a permis de repenser et réinventer notre façon de travailler. Par exemple, certains de nos techniciens étaient sur le terrain pour assurer la mobilité des véhicules des clients. Une période critique où la nécessité d’avoir les bons réflexes pour entretenir le véhicule était crucia [...]

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