Axess streamlines its procurement management with a digital platform created by an employee.

Axess streamlines its procurement management with a digital platform created by an employee.

Fawzi Nundloll

Fawzi Nundloll, a technology enthusiast, has used his passion to serve his department at Axess by creating a digital platform to optimize procurement services within the company. Despite not having an IT background, as a Procurement Team Leader, he has successfully put together a platform that simplifies the process of local purchase requests. 

Having previously worked as a statistics and planning officer at Intelcia, Fawzi joined Axess three years ago as a Procurement Analyst. He quickly realized that he could apply his skills to database management and operations at Axess. 

With the goal of making his department more efficient and improving the lives of his colleagues, Fawzi decided to create a digital platform that would simplify the process of local purchase requests. He used existing tools such as SharePoint, PowerApps, and PowerBI to capture data, set up performance indicators and dashboards, and enable his colleagues to organize and structure everything in a few clicks. 

The tool he implemented helped generate reports, capture, channel, and track the progress of different requests. With the platform in place, Fawzi was able to measure his department’s performance using specific and transparent KPIs. The success of his platform is a perfect illustration of the importance of initiative and creativity in the business world. 

Thanks to Fawzi’s platform, his team’s workload has been optimized, and administrative tasks have been reduced. Collaboration and transparency have also been improved as all information is centralized and accessible to everyone. 

Fawzi is currently developing another digital tool to further improve procurement management at Axess. He believes that everyone should feel comfortable and content with their tasks and the use of digital tools within the company.