Communique from the MVDA : Delayed Parts Supply in Mauritius


The Motor Vehicles Dealers Association (MVDA) would like to inform the public in general, that the global lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak, has caused major disruptions in the supply chain for both production of motor vehicles and parts for the Automotive sector in Mauritius.

As at date production have not resumed normally to enable us to give an efficient service for parts. The issues given below is now causing problems for the procurement of parts.

Supply Chain Disruption

The disruption to supply chain for vehicles and parts shipment has been very severe with vehicles and parts being blocked at shipment ports. There will be a long delay before the consignments reach Mauritius. This will depend on consignment origins and lockdown situation in the respective countries. Courier services/Air freight cargo for automotive sector have no priority, as the main focus is for medical and health requirements.

Production Delays-Parts and
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